Unit Testing in Typescript

It is recommended to go through the post on writing UI Unit test cases with Karma,Mocha and Chai Before getting into this Unit testing in Typescript. Because Karma,Mocha and Chai are also used for Unit Testing in Typescript with few changes. To write test cases in Typescript with Mocha and Chai. Download the declarations of […]

Highcharts App in Typescript

As a UI (Typescript) developers. Often, we create beautiful visualisations with data presented to use by server. Highcharts is a charting library provides beautiful visualisations. Let us look into using Highcharts in Typescript and draw beautiful pie chart. Require JS a module loader in the example. Following is a step by step tutorial along with […]

Backbone App in Typescript

Following is a step by step example of creating Backbone App in Typescript using require js. Backbone js is a MVVM library used by many developers to create Web and Mobile Apps. We are going to see about creating a simple Webapp in Typescript using Backbone JS. 1.Include the Backbone. Since Underscore is a dependency […]

JQuery app in Typescript and Require JS

Following is the step by step example for using jQuery in Typescript and require js. jQuery is a popular library provides Utilities for DOM selection,manipulation,updation taking care of cross browser inconsistencies. It also provides us powerful way to connect to server via Ajax and Promises. Let us look into creating jQuery Web/ Mobile App in […]

Designing Fluent API in Typescript

Fluent API: Text book Definition: In software engineering, a Fluent interface (as first coined by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler) is a way of implementing an object oriented API in a way that aims to provide for more readable code. A Fluent interface is normally implemented by using method chaining to relay the instruction context of a […]

Generics in Typescript

Generics Textbook Definition: Generic types allow for code reuse with type safety. The Internal algorithm remains the same, only the type changes and disappears again on compilation and generates no artifacts to the resulting JavaScript. Generics provide quality to your solution by giving your type-safe at compile-time, and reduce repetitive programming tasks, by creating generic […]

Declarations in Typescript

Declarations in Typescript why do we need declarations in Typescript ? As we all know, Javascript is the popular language with more libraries available (Probably, Javascript has more libraries than any other language ).  Most of the Javascript libraries provide awesome functionality like jQuery (DOM library), Async ..etc. It would be a big pain,If we mandate […]

Interfaces in Typescript

Interface An interface is a contract: the guy writing the interface says, “hey, I accept things looking that way“, and the guy using the interface says “Ok, the class I write looks that way“. Realworld example (HDMI cable): A HDMI cable expanded as High Definition Multimedia interface can only be plugged into the HDMI port. Ok, […]