Backbone JS Tutorial

Backbone JS (Stop tying your data to DOM) Backbone.js is not a full fledged mvc or mvp or mvvm framework, Basically it provides the event bindings between the model and view, so that changes in the view will update the attributes of model and corresponding views listening to the model will get updated. But there […]

Sass & Compass

SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) Sass is a language that is interpreted into css,Basically its an extension of CSS3 which adds nested rules,variables,mixins,selector inheritance and more. it helps us to organize and maintian our css files Compass Compass is a framework which reads the scss files and generate css files for us.Before moving furthur,following are few things […]

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jQuery’s $.animate() API ‘s drawbacks

While working with jQuery animate() API, Following are the issues,I faced. 1) CSS ClassName cannot be added. $.animate(className,1000); I feel this is a biggest draw back of the animate() api. because we need to add css properties in the following tricky way,instead of adding ClassName straight away Usage: $(“#foo”).animate({  “margin-left” : “40px”,  “width” : “300px” }, 1000); Solution: […]

Use document.getElementById instead of $(‘#Id’)

Three years back,I used prototype.js extensively. In prototype.js ‘$’ is used instead of document.getElementById(“”).But In these three years,I moved from prototype to jQuery,due to its awesomeness. I will write a separate post about “Why I love jQuery than Prototype.js”. When I started using jQuery,Due to my Prototype.js background, I used $(‘#id’) extensively.But when i looked […]

jQuery.attr() Issues in jQuery 1.6

When I Upgraded my jQuery Version from  1.4.2 to 1.6 . Suddenly, My Custom implementation of  Table Row Reordering Via Drag n Drop Plugin , which was working before, started breaking. After a close Inspection into the issue.Issue is raised due to the API Change made by jQuery in version 1.6 Following is the big […]

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Bind First jQuery plugin

While working with my co developers,I had a Following Use case 1)An Inline On Click Event Handler is attached to a button,which is created from the back-end Java Code  <input onclick=”executeInlineFunction()” type=”button” /> 2)A CallBack Function,Which has to be executed before inline Callback function on click event of the button. Solution: Following is the jQuery […]

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